Africa Marketing Agency Inc connects people, ideas and resources over the world with African Nations by building expert coalitions, developing large-scale partnerships.
Promotion linkages between African businesses and American local suppliers.
Attract and maximize the foreign direct investment into Africa and encourage existing foreign investors to further expand and develop their businesses.
Drive Africa’s economic development through growth investment and import/export.
Access to trade statistics for various sectors in Africa
We contribute to the development of the continent by supporting African business  to export their goods and services, make effective representation to Government on market access and facilitation issues, deliver practical professional development programmes and forums that foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
Create positive conditions and provides opportunities for American and Canadian enterprises to invest in Africa, guide them directly,  improves the overall strength.


Let us meet to discuss about what we offer

  • Identification of Export Markets in Africa
  • We are an office of Business promotion  between  Africa and the world
  • Develop the vision , strategy , structure to maximize trade and sale opportunities in Africa.
  •  How to explore marketing maturity assessment in Africa.

African Market Overview

Business intermediary

  • Strong industry and infrastructure expertise in Africa
  • Identify key buyers and customers , behaviors,preferences and emerging trends in Africa.
  • Achieve the optimal balance in managing your marketing Agenda in Africa.