It is our distinct pleasure to invite you and your office to  attend the 5th Annual Agro-Industrial and Commercial Summit in collaboration with U.S Commerce, U.S Agriculture and international’s organisation for economic cooperation and development over the world.
The Summit is taking place in New York, from July 24 to 26, 2019.
It’s a unique annual event bringing together 500+ leading agro-industry and solar energy from over 22 countries to advance economic development globally. The Summit is the perfect place to do business, provide the connections, opportunities, experiences and understanding that empower successful business relationships between attendees.
The theme of the 2019 Summit is  » Economic development cooperation in the world market »
The aim of the event is to bring together key decision-makers, stakeholders, investors and businesses that are active in agro-industry and solar energy space to share knowledge and practices in the various fields that define international economic development.
1- Get direct access to potential business partners from around the world
2- Access your market directly and generate new business relationships
3- Build awareness and leverage brand association for your communications
4- Showcase your services and products to the 500+ delegates from around the world
5- Stand out from the audience and your competitors
6- Demonstrate your leadership in the Agro-industry and your support to the Africa, European and America communities.
7- Add value to the overall experience of the solar energy and agro-industry worldwide .

Since the Summit was created in 2015, over 3000 senior agro-industry experts from circa 29 countries have met. Delegates are buyers and sellers, equipment providers and packaging manufacturers has met to foster best-practice sharing and networking.
The Summit is the place to be to meet people, to progress on the challenges, gain recognition for your company, learn from leaders, gain visibility for your brand, strengthen your network and make business partnerships friends with like-minded objectives.
I look forward to liaising you to help your organisation get the most from these opportunities !