We are the preeminent voice for promoting doing business, matchmaking and join venture opportunities in all of it’s aspects in Africa.
Our first core value is consulting and connection in Africa

Creating value is our business…

We help entreprises find the right partner and supplier, meet qualified buyers,research markets and even ways to developing or expanding your business relationship with Africa Government.

4th Annual Agribusiness Summit opening ceremony

The Trade Mission USA – AFRICA provide the best opportunities for exports from United States to Africa.
Delegation depart New York to Johannesburg for connecting flight on South African Airways Saturday, June 16


African projects funded

450 Participants

to the Agribusiness Summit at the United Nations July 2017

18 Years experiences

Promoting doing business, join venture and partnership between Africa and the world. We have an enviable history of marketing collaborations, consultancies and extension activities as well as extension research experience in individual, cross and multi countries and continents including Europe, Asia, Oceania and America.